About Eurowine

Eurowine was established in 1990 and worked as an agent until 1996, when the state opened for private import companies.

Eurowine is pleased to represent a range of exciting producers from around the world. Good relations with our producers are very important; we take pride in having a close relationship through good sales performance and detailed feedback about what we are working on and the results.

Frequent discussions with our producers about how to work ensure the very best products reach the consumer. Together with our producers, we put the consumer in focus. We work constantly towards offering a good price and a quality product.

Eurowine’s producers are making the outstanding wines of tomorrow, and we were among the first to focus on the new style of wines in the Norwegian market.
Our employees combine corporate experience with time spent working at Vinmonopolet, with strong marketing expertise.

Who works in Eurowine?

About the On-Trade market

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